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Future Ready

Union School District's Future Ready Initiative enables learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. A device for each student and supported technology gives each student an individualized learning experience, where and when it is needed. For more information on the Future Ready Initiative including device care, USD use policy, and more please visit

Click above to find information about turning on the device, signing in, navigating Chrome, and joining Google Classroom.

Chromebook Care

Chromebook Troubleshooting

How do I log in?

Students using their district-issued Chromebooks will be logged in to Google Chrome with their USD Google ID automatically upon log in to their device.

If the screen has frozen or the app/website is not responding:

    1. Turn off the device and turn it back on again.

    2. Log back in with the student's USD Google ID, re-check the app/website.

If the screen is magnified, chromeVox enables, or a large mouse arrow or an orange box around items appears:

    1. Go to screen icon at the bottom, click on settings.

    2. Find the setting for “Accessibility” and uncheck any boxes that are checked.

    3. OR Reset Browser Screen Settings: Settings / Show advanced settings / Reset Browser Settings

If the Chromebook screen is rotated:

    1. Hold down CTRL + SHIFT keys and tap the Reload Key (top row) to rotate it 90 degrees at a time until your desired screen is achieved.

If the Chromebook keyboard is not working properly:

Some keys might be replacing others. Check under settings that “US Keyboard is the one selected, not the US International or US extended keyboard.

If the Chromebook screen is super small:

    • Zoom in (makes things bigger): Press Ctrl + Plus sign (+).

    • Zoom out (makes things smaller): Press Ctrl + Minus sign (-).

    • Reset zoom: Press Ctrl + 0.

If you think you might have lost a page:

    1. Go to File and Revision History.

    2. Click on the file and Restore.

Sometimes it is moved so search for it in Drive.